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Transcription map:

Condition dependant
transcription factors

Supplementary Tables:

Condition dependent binding of Aft2

Form the ChIP-chip data:
(A) A Venn diagram representing the results of the ChIP-chip experiment [Harbison et al, 2004] for the transcription factors Aft2 and Rcs1 under high and low H2O2 stress. Aft2 alters its targets substantially between these two conditions.

Form the motif analysis:
Analysis of percent of genes whose promoter contain the different motifs, when searching for motif occurrences at 2% false positive rate. Shown are the different motifs in the targets bound by Aft2 and Rcs1 in low H2O2 stress only (yellow and blue respectively), in high H2O2 stress only (red and green respectively) or in both conditions (orange and cyan respectively). Each motif is shown as a sequence logo on the left and percent occurrence in each group as bar chart on the right. Under low H2O2 stress there is enrichment for a motif similar to the previously characterized Aft2 motif (top motif), as well as the known recognition sequence of Rcs1 (middle motif). Under high H2O2 stress only abundant low-complexity repeats of Poly-GT (bottom motif) have been identified.