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Transcription map:

Condition dependant
transcription factors

Supplementary Tables:

Condition-dependent transcription factors with altered targets

Motif analysis for condition-dependent transcription factors that bind different targets under different conditions.
Here, three possible mechanisms that may be involved in monitoring condition-dependent binding, which lead to altered targets, are presented schematically. For each mechanism we show the scheme of the promoter organization of the target genes (above the dashed line) and the result of motif discovery (under the dashed line). (A) The first mechanism is through a change in the cofactor. This may be detected through co-occurrence of motifs of different factors. (B) The second mechanism is through a change in the specificity to the DNA. This change can be traced by identifying variations in the DNA motif. (C) The third mechanism is a change in the chromatin state. This change cannot be traced using motif analysis.