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Transcription map:

Condition dependant
transcription factors

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BLiC map - partial overview

Overview of the discovered motifs. Investigation of the properties of discovered motifs. Each motif (column) is compared to other motifs using the BLiC score (rows, top group), to average expression of its targets in different experiments (second group), to enrichment of its targets in GO annotations (third groups) and in ChIP-chip location assays (bottom groups). The rows and columns were clustered using the EdgeCluster algorithm, which integrates various sources of information into the clustering process. Shown is clustering for partial set of motifs related to the transcription factors: Fhl1,Sfp1, Rap1, Ste12, Tec1, Mcm1, Hsf1, Swi4 ,Swi6 and Mbp1.

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